Update on Natural Hair Loss Remedy

This is the 6 month hair regrowth update by using natural remedy for hair balding or thinning. Disclaimer: only claims made are on client from personal use. …

Hair regrowth expert


  1. Wannella, I have linked and posted each related video for easier
    references. Thanks for watching and do an video response if these recipes
    help you in anyway! Thanks for watching!

  2. I’m also suffering from same problem.Have you any site where i can contact
    and get info about you.

  3. thanks so much for the comment! you can view full list of my ingredients
    and how I use the shampoos and hair mask on my website above at weebly.com

  4. No he wasn’ taking any supplements. I will do a video on helpful tips on
    how to grow back thinning hair.

  5. Thank you I’m going to try this, I also wanted to know would this be
    helpful if I have damaged hair from a relaxer(blow out kit) that I put in
    my hair and left in too long causing damage to my front left part of my

  6. I am sitting GLUED to all you videos right. AWESOME! I am going to try
    this because my hair is starting to thin and its probably because of my
    medications. But its worth a try. Also, I will be trying the conditions
    on my girls hair. Thanks

  7. The video of how to make the green tea shampoo is no longer availabe…
    please help :)

  8. I’m think about trying it. my hair is starting to thin in the front. Thank
    you for the video I will let you know if it works on me. Right now I’m
    using ginger on my hair and cocoa butter hand lotion I just start using
    them I have to see what happens.

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