What Women Really Think About Dating Balding Men

Richard explains how he remains confident and unaffected whilst picking up women despite his receding hairline. See plenty of interesting conversations with …

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  1. That second girl was straight lying. I can tell by the way her eyes
    shifted around.

    Spanish women also don’t like bald men. They did a study years ago that
    demonstrated they were the most prejudiced against them in the entire
    western world!

    It’s true that if you are confident it isn’t bad. I have long hair still
    while balding with a bit of gray and even i still get some interest and i
    look like shit! It isn’t quite the death sentence it’s made out to be,
    but it does decrease your options.

    The guy in the video looks alright with a receding hairline.

  2. What were you expecting them to say? it should have been done with a person
    that had hair and see what their answers are

  3. lol I’m laughing at fact that that girls don’t like when guys try to cover
    up there imperfections. I think that’s the definition of irony right there.

  4. Balding is affecting my confidence!! I guess you’re right…best thing is
    to accept it. I spoke to my cousin about this and she said along with many
    others – the worse you can do is get a “comb over” – it shows that your not
    confident in yourself and proud of who you are. I have seen many guys do a
    comb over and it does look untidy!

  5. I think it’s funny so many guys are insecure about a girl not wanting them
    for their looks or money when most guys don’t want women unless they are
    hot and attractive looking

  6. Women don’t always say what they REALLY think and this is one of those

  7. Balding in the United States is not a good thing but it’s not the end of
    the world either.

  8. His survey is so obviously flawed, because it’s obviously a bald guy who is
    asking girls the question “would you date a bald guy.” Of course at least
    some of the girls will say “why not” rather than apper shallow, vain, or
    hurt the guys feelings. To be sure about the results, you should have a
    guy of the same age with a full head of hair, ask the same question. Then
    have a young, “hot” guy with a full head of hair ask the same questions.
    And better yet, then have a WOMAN ask other women the question.

    I would like to see the results, as I believe that the answers would change
    depending on who is doing the asking.

  9. 4:09 It’s all about personality and character…

    “What was he like?”

    Hmm, Nutshell, right there.

  10. So there you go fellas. There is no surprise here that pretty well all the
    women said they would not ever date a bald man!! SO to all bald guys out
    there coming from a man who has ALL his hair and has very long thick dark
    hair and all other good looking normal looking men (us guys with all our
    hair) and also I think I can speak for ALL women who have a functioning
    brain and can see properly and are attractive hot, pretty and sexy women
    out there, ALL of US TOGETHER and again remember I think I am pretty
    confident that I am pretty well speaking for them, from us to you we all
    say……..SUCK IT!!!!! HAHA

  11. quite a biased view

    however the truth is if the guy is attractive like me 😛 lol no matter if
    he has hair or not he will till get girls depends how his head shape etc is

    you can have a full set of hair and if you ugly the bald guy always wins

  12. yeh but they will say that

    women always try to be nice but we all know it that hairy guys look more
    attractive then bold guys have you ever wondered why none of the super male
    models are bold or the Top 50 most attractive men never featured a bold guy
    ..hint hint

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