Whey Protein and Hair Loss

For more info visit my site at :http://www.brinkzone.com/ whey Isolate and Hair Loss. Does whey isolates cause hair loss as is being claimed? What effects – …

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  1. Thanks brink. Can you please cover hydrolyzed whey? I recently started
    using it and it’s quite expensive so I hope I am not wasting any money.

  2. Hey!! Tatz a bit of info… On c’in ur a cple of ur vids, I think ur doin a
    gr88 job…. 🙂

  3. I agree that there is no proof that whey causes hair loss. Whey protein is
    a fairly new product, and it seems we (gym rats) are the clinical trial. If
    you speak to any nephrologists (kidney doctors) they will always
    recommended to not take these sort of supplements just to be on the safe
    side. The kidneys are a delicate organ, filtration and proper equilibrium
    in our diet is important; dumping hundreds of grams of synthetic protein
    cant be good for the interstitial tubules of the kidney.

  4. @MultiDoomsday666 Yeah as long as you work out. But lift heavy but keep
    good form or your just wasting your time haha

  5. arn’t hair follicles made from protein? thus making your hair healthier if
    you take protein and less likely to fall out, even a dentist has a DR.
    infront of his name so who knows maybe he pulls teeth for a living.

  6. I have not done the research. so dont bash me people. but i think wearing
    hats causes hair loss…… i love wearing hats thoooooooooooooooo. gread

  7. Is there a good product that raises testosterone? I dont mind to raise mine

  8. Constantly wearing hats or even being out in the son can cause hair loss
    and also how can Whey Protein even cause hair loss!?! Cheese/ milk and
    other Healthy things

  9. I’d imagine if there is any connection to whey protein and hairloss it’s
    because the men using whey protein are working out heavily. Heavy lifting
    raises testosterone and if their follicles are sensitive to DHT they will
    be more prone to hair loss caused by the raise in testosterone. This is
    just my assumption. I don’t actually know anything.

  10. So, someone must have been slippin me some whey in my drinks early
    on….lmao…. Great Video..

  11. i see so according to this hair specialist all you need to do is reduce
    your testosterone – maybe we should start taking the pill?

  12. there is a new discovery about protein PG2 something like that. Scientists
    said that its the cause of the hairloss and not DHT. Search it

  13. Hello Will, bang on video. I have very good genetics and gained 45 lbs
    muscle in 4 years. At 19 years of age when I started I was 10st 9lbs and
    under 10% bodyfat. In 4 years time I was 14st and 8% bodyfat. I trained 4
    times per week every week, ate right and controlled alcohol consumption
    etc. Coley UK

  14. i couldn’t find any information on pg2. Please tell me on what I should

  15. Hi Will, I’ve used Whey Isolate for many years as have everyone who trains
    at my gym. however there are two Pro body builders in my gym and they have
    both told me (separately) that they dont touch any Whey products and dont
    touch Casien either. They reckon its all hyped up and told me not to bother
    with expemsive Whey and Casien products…Now I’m really confused!? Can you

  16. LOL testosterone is the CAUSE for human hair eh? wtf does that even mean

  17. Whey protein isolate causes hair loss because it is highly processed as
    opposed to wpc which less processed and is, therefore, closer to its
    natural state!! Any highly processed foods are not healthy as WE ALL KNOW
    THAT! And yes that is totally true, i am a vegetarian and have always been
    taking whey protein isolate and during my comp preparation i increased my
    protein and i am now left with a thin hair on the fringe and a bald spot
    and guess what i am a girl and NO no one in my family have ever had bald
    problems!!! Don’t take this guy’s word,but only people who have experienced
    it and now have problems, period!!!

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