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  1. You gave some helpful tips,, but how often should we do it???? As, I am 18
    years old and now turning 19 in 3 months, and got my first grey hair when i
    was in 12 years old. Although, i used too much black henna ( not organic as
    you know organic henna gives only red brownish color!!!). So, eventually
    when i was in 8th std, I used first time henna and it really feels awesome
    but after 1.5 yrs of regular using it,,, its starts itching, % of white
    hair varies from 33.5 to 64 %! plz help me out! 🙂

  2. Consume 5 small pieces of Amla/gooseberry after every meal.Soak Amla in
    water for 12 hrs and then apply the water 15 mins before taking bath every

  3. All Asanas should be performed as long as one feels comfortable and should
    not be continued in pain or discomfort

  4. नमस्ते व्यासजी, मेरी उम्र २९ साल है। मेरे काफी सारे बाल सफेद हो चले है। और
    इसी कारण मै बहुत परेशान हुं। जैसे आपने एक प्रश्न के उत्तर में कहा के हर
    भोजन के बाद आंवला के ५-६ टुकडे खाये। Main मै आपसे यह पूछना चाहता हुं के ऐसा
    करनेसे कितने दिनों मे फर्क दिखना शुरू हो जायेगा। आपका अनुभव इस बारे में
    क्या है ? I do know the result varies from person to person, but still
    would like to get the hair turn black naturally and ASAP. अगर और कोई सुझाव
    आपके पास हो तो कृपया शेअर करे। धन्यवाद 🙂

  5. Balanced lifestyle, practice of relevant asanas and applying & consuming
    Amla can show positive results in few months.

  6. Namaste, I 50 year old can do shirshasan ,I wear spects for both long and
    near ,all other i fit thanks

  7. Namaskar, Shirshasana can be be practiced after 50 years age also provided
    one has been doing from early age and no High BP,stress, hypertension &
    heart related complications. For starting Shirshasana after 50+ age, one
    must not have any High BP,stress, hypertension & heart related
    complications and one must learn from a qualified yoga guru and practice
    under supervision of qualified yoga guru. Regards, Vimal

  8. i had severe head injury…headaches no concentration…fugue states…that
    is walking around unconscious if i bumbed my head….headaches for 5
    years….i started inverting myself on my bed as helped ease
    headaches…which led to doing headstands which i would do for an hour
    twice a day as it helped my headaches…..bottom line…my memory and
    concentration came back,headaches stopped too..i also found going
    vegetarian helped and removing food allergies caused by dairy products

  9. hello thanks for the wonderful video. what do you recommend for muscle

  10. For Muscle Atrophy, one can start with another video in my channel titled
    ‘Yoga for beginners’ which covers helpful Asanas and pranayama . Regards,

  11. ok.I’ve found them. you’re a great practiser. I wish I had found these
    videos years ago before I lost most of my muscles. Thanks.

  12. hello I have lot of white hair. pls suggest these ashanas can help me?

  13. Hello, Yes, Balanced lifestyle and correct practice of asanas under
    supervision of qualified yoga instructor can show positive results in few
    months. Regards, Vimal

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