You CAN grow back thinning edges and balding crowns!

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  1. Actually this is the edited video that will be posted on Vivica Fox’s hair
    website. I will post new videos soon. Be on the lookout!

  2. Need to be more consistent with the tips. Thanks for sharing. Leah

  3. If you already have a healthy lifestyle (eating right, exercising, and
    drinking water), you don’t need to take any vitamins at all. Live well and
    your entire body will flourish.

  4. great video, ive used the castor oil before and it cured my balding crown.
    i did notice after about a year when i stopped using it, the baldness
    started to reappear again.. plus my shampoo was full of chemicals :/ i’ll
    be starting the castor oil again and getting a new shampoo now ha

  5. Thank you for the video, I love them all. I am 50 yrs old and been nature
    for over 10 yrs. My hair started thinning around that time and I am just
    finding what i really need to do to grow it back. I am taking my vitamins,
    drinking my water, and eating dark greens leafy food. I wish my hair would
    grow as well as my nails lol. The health hutt store in my city does not
    carry JBCO, so I have to order it online. Would the castor oil work just as
    well? I have to use wigs and I hate them they itch.

  6. i enjoied this view!!! i find using alll natural products def work…. im
    using the jc everyday and for two weeks i wore a wig(that i made diy) and i
    felt the thickness of my hair!! big difference!!…however i will say the
    boiton did not work for, however it did indeed grew my hair!!! BUTTTTT it
    thined it out, even my eye brows…and it made me breakout with bad acne!
    so thats another reason i want to stick to natural products… drinking
    plenty of water and changing what I eat!

  7. thanks for the great detailed videos! they really help! quick question, my
    problem is when i wash my hair its so soft while the waters in it but once
    it air dries its so dry and poofy and tangly. is there something you
    recommend for that

  8. i want to try all of these tips, but i have one quetion; is/was your hair
    relaxed or natural? i heard the jamican caster oil was harmful for relaxed
    hair and im semi-nervous about trying new products.

  9. Hello! Have you heard the talk about – Trifecta Epic Hair Growth Plan
    (search on google)? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my cousin
    said good bye to the baldness shame with it.

  10. Yes, it is important to drink the appropriate amounts of water each day.
    However, to say that you can fill in a balding spot in thirty days greatly
    depends on the amount of hair in the balding spot. If the scalp is clearing
    showing then it will take much longer. Just be careful of telling people
    that they can grow a balding spot back in thirty days. To proved your point
    you should have taken pictures. Your truly coming off of as commercial.
    Your video is truly misleading.

  11. I normally never comment on these, but you’ve done an excellent job. You
    presented the information well and in the appropriate order (in terms of
    importance to overall health). I am especially impressed with the
    improvements in your health and weight loss. I am dealing with precisely
    the same issues you started with, and didn’t realize how important water
    REALLY is or that vitamins work first to balance any vitamin deficiencies
    before it can deal with surplus needs like hair growth. Thanks

  12. Your information is excellent and your hair and skin look beautiful!!!

  13. Thank you so much for this video. I needed this my crown looks how yours
    use to.. Thank you again

  14. I can attest to drinking more water and eating more salads. I’ve been
    doing that and I have definitely noticed a difference in my hair. I have
    about 3-4 salads a week and drinking more water and I lost 7 pounds on my
    last doctor visit without really trying! I’m looking forward to additional
    weight loss (now that I’m trying a litte more) and more beneficial changes
    for my body and my hair!

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