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Hair regrowth expert

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  1. My hair loss problem is in the back of my head. I’ve had three procedures
    over the last five years, and that area of my head is still very noticeably
    thin. Here are some things to keep in-mind:

    1. Current procedures will not make your hair thick enough to cover your
    scalp. You will have a fine “see-through” layer – escpecially in the back.

    2. Beware of pricing schemes! Bosely got me for $8,000 for 1000 grafts the
    first time and a little over $5000 for the second 1000 grafts. MHR prices
    differently, and I got 1300 for $6000 plus they required me to buy a $400
    healing kit that did nothing for me (try to get out of it).

    3. During the procedure, you have little interaction with the doctor. Most
    of your day is spent with “technicians” who place grafts in the holes that
    the doc punches into your head. Some of these technicials are not very
    experienced. One time, a more experienced tech was using my head to teach
    new people. I had not been informed of this arrangement. Another time, the
    techs were comparing qulity of graft placements on my head. One tech was
    clearly better than the other.
    4. Recovery is a pain. You have to be careful with washing your hair, the
    scar heals slowly, suture removal can be quite painful (the last time, the
    sutures were so deep that it took two techs and a lot of rough handling to
    dig them out. I am still having trouble four months later.
    zx42 has been a great product for me and is truly growing my
    hair back

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